3 Mindful tips to keep in mind this New Years

3 Mindful tips to keep in mind this New Years

Hello beautiful souls and welcome back to my blog! We are a couple of days away from New Years! I can’t believe it! As we reflect on this past years in-devours, please keep these mindful tips at hand to have the best mindset going into 2018!

“You can start fresh every Monday.”

1. You can start fresh every Monday. You shouldn’t be waiting for every year to end to manifest and meditate to the universe. Tell yourself and the universe what you want every single Monday! Set goals every single Monday!

2. Go easy on yourself. There might be things you wished you achieved or even tried this past year. If it didn’t happen it wasn’t your time. If you really feel like it’s something you want badly then take the time every single week this up coming year to work on it. Things take time. So go easy on yourself!

3. Manifest. Manifest. And Manifest.

Think about what you want. Plant it in your head. Set good intentions out to every one you love. Set good intentions out to the universe. And set good intentions out to yourself. Forgive. Love. Manifest what you want.

So much love to my readers xo

Tell me below what you hope to manifest this year!!


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