Your Self-Care Guide To Spending The Holidays Alone

Your Self-Care Guide To Spending The Holidays Alone

Hello beautiful souls! I can’t believe the holidays are here! I feel like the last time I looked at my calendar it was September. Now that we’re at the holiday season you might be feeling so much joy and happiness, but unfortunately this might be a very stressful time for others. And I don’t mean the gift shopping, insane mall parking lot, or who is hosting this years holiday dinner stress.

Unfortunately, some people spend the holiday season alone. It could be because you live in a different state, college, or you do not have any loved ones to share it with. Instead of sitting by yourself eating take out and having FOMO ( fear of missing out), there are ways to have the same holiday cheer all by yourself!

Here are my tips:

  • First off, don’t beat yourself up about not having any holiday plans. Instead create a list of what you would love to get done during your holiday break! This will be a very productive, empowering, and self-care moment for you.
  • Take out some money for yourself. It’s that time of the year to treat yourself. Maybe it’s a new yoga mat, a new face mask, or a book! You deserve it! It’s also fun to still receive presents, even if you bought them yourself!
  • Do not and I repeat do not look at social media. There were so many times I would stare at the phone and look at all of my friends families together and I would cry. Now looking back at that I should of been my own best friend and picked myself up. Those feelings still hit me, but I promise you’re not alone with your feelings!
  • Make your own holiday meal! Get excited and look for new recipes to cook for yourself! Don’t forget dessert and the wine!
  • Bring the spa to your home. Set up candles, music, bath salts, and a bath bomb. Bring your wine in and relax! My favorite thing to do in the bath is listen to Jorden Youngers “Soul on Fire Podcast”. Trust me, you won’t feel alone listening to her.
  • Set a goal for yourself on the actual day. Say you want to read a new book or learn new yoga poses. Save it for that day. Accomplishing something yourself will bring you so much joy!

Don’t forget you are never alone. Sometimes the best times are spent with yourself. Happy Holidays!



  1. December 25, 2017 / 9:14 am

    I LOVE this! And I totally agree. Some of my happiest moments are just hanging alone!! Haha xoxo

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