5 ways to have a balanced life after living with a narcissist

5 ways to have a balanced life after living with a narcissist

Good morning vibrant souls!!
Switching to a healing/ wellness blog has been giving me some much self love. I’m so excited to talk about my struggles and how I am in the process of healing from them. One of the reasons I am switching to a healing wellness blog is because I wish I had these resources to read when I was going through such trauma at a young age.

Living a life where there is no balance, love, nurturing, fun, and smiles is very dark. You doubt your ability to self love. You doubt your self worth. You doubt your whole entire life. Breaking free is one of the most amazing, but freaking hardest things you might ever come to face with, but there is a bright beautiful light at the end of the tunnel.

No one ever deserves abuse, but everyone deserves an amazing, fulfilling life full of adventure, love, sun, and the feeling of being free.

Here are my 5 ways to heal and have a balanced life after living with a narcissist!
1. Mental Heath

If you went through such trauma you’re probably not ready to take on your new life without talking to someone about it. Go to a therapist! You need someone to talk to about what you went through and to be honest, no one will get it like your therapist will. Talking to a therapist was like taking all the knots in my stomach and untangling them.
2. Taking time

I know work and your social life can get hectic, but when I was first starting my healing process of summer going into fall 2015, I was practicing yoga almost everyday. It wasn’t anywhere fancy, but in the comfort of my own room. It helped me breath and calm my mind. I am most definitely guilty of falling off the yoga train, but to anyone who hasn’t tried it… PLEASE add it to your routine. You need this time to collect your thoughts and calm everything around you.
3. Be happy for others

This is one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give to people. When you’re kind to others the universe will take its course with you. There are moments where I want to scream because people don’t realize how good they have it and you’re just sitting there wishing you had a great childhood too, but you didn’t! And that’s okay! Be happy for them and be happy for yourself. Be happy that you’re finally free, be happy you get to really start living. Everything will fall into place if you show kindness and love for others.
4. Stop comparing your situation to others

It’s easy to say that you won on the trauma level, but you’re not trying to convince people. Take that time to convince yourself that you’re worth all that and then some. When you feel like you want to compare lives on who had it worse just breathe and think to yourself “I know I was abused and dealt bad cards, but now I have a second chance to finally feel everything”. When you stop comparing, you start really focusing on your self.
5. Work out

All your anger and frustrations have to go somewhere right!? I am a lazy person when it comes to working out, but am I glad I have the best trainer in the world. Even if you’re tight on money, this is one thing you should give to yourself as a gift!! I can tell I get less angry at myself and others when I have working out in my weekly routine.
Self love is so much more then just loving yourself. It’s

-healing from broken wounds

-taking care of your mental health

-practicing kindness for others

-excepting you were handed bad cards as a child

-and really taking the time to enjoy your second chance at life
Please comment below on how you heal and balance your life!!
Much love to all my vibrant souls!! Xoxo

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