Did booking a trip to Miami change my lifestyle!?

Did booking a trip to Miami change my lifestyle!?

Hey there friendly folks and happy Friyay!! I hope everyone had the best and most positive week. Did you ever book a trip and you’re like “oh shit” I have to get in shape for this one!! I’ve been pushing myself to get bikini ready. In january I did the 30 day challenge. Where I didn’t have a cheat meal once. I went to the gym 2 times a week, had plant based proteins, and was really watching what I ate. I lost 8lbs in the process. I fell a little off track after Valentine’s Day, but March first starts the new 30 day challenge before Miami!! 

Here are my new “improved” steps come march 1st: 

I love milk!! Especially at night. It really curves my appitiate if I’m craving a snack. Instead of dairy I will be choosing non sweetened almond milk.

With that said about the milk, I really want to cut down on my sugar intake. I will be trying to cut out any added sugar. This one will be hard!! 

More greens will make me lean!! 🙂 

I want to try to incorporate as many greens into my meals as possible. Not only are they a great source of vitamins and minerals, but are nutrient dense. Which means you can fill up on them without having a lot of calories. 

I will also be adding greens to my smoothies!! I will be trying to incorporate one smoothie per day. During lunch time I get sluggish and reach for that coffee with milk and sugar. I rather have a more healthier and natural sugar choice with fruits. It will give me the energy I need for that mid day slug. 

Of course you can choose lean meats like skinless chicken or turkey, but vegetable proteins are a great choice too. With less fat and fewer calories, you can get a good source of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. 

My new obsession is cycleing!! I highly recommended adding this once a week to your workout routine. It’s intense, you will be dripping sweat and dropping calories!! 

Instead of going to the gym twice a week, I added on another day of running. With cycle bar added,  I am trying to workout four times a week. 

I love my water!! I am trying to get at least 2L in a day to stay hydrated. 
After my 30 day challenge I will have one cheat meal per week. But going on this Miami “diet” has really made me see the bigger picture. I love my body so much that I want to stay in the best shape and be healthy for myself. Booking a trip to Miami really made me look at my eating habits and how lazy I was when it came to working out. I’m pushing myself, fueling my body, and it has been impovered my overall mood as well. My body feels nourished, healthier, happier, and I have way more energy. 

Have the best weekend!! 🙂


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