Emotional eating? Been there, ate that! 

Emotional eating? Been there, ate that! 

Good morning friendly folks and happy Tuesday!! Does work stress you out, are you a parent, do you get sad sometimes, maybe friends or family issues, and you take it out on your stomach? Emotional eating is so common and unfortunately (nutrition-based) disease threatening. Of course you want to indulge in that greasy cheese burger or that extra large bag of potato chips, but if you are finding yourself emotionally eating multiple times a week, then you could be doing a lot more to your body then adding the extra pounds. 


Real life stress gets really tough!! Believe me I’ve been there. I went through a tough year and gained nearly 20lbs because I thought the pizza would take away my pain. IT DIDNT LOL. There are some great and fun alternatives to stress eating. 

  • Focus on the problem. Grab a journal and every time you feel “hungry” write down how you feel emotionally. Are you sad, happy, or maybe tired? Get to the root of the emotional feelings behind the high calorie/ fatty foods you’re choosing.
  • Find something else to do!! You know when or what you should not be eating. Get your mat out, light those candles, and grab your water bottle. It takes only 15 minutes for hunger to surpress. Do 15 minutes of meditation, squats, jumping jacks, sit ups, or even dance around the house. Do anything for those 15 minutes!!
  • Learn how to reward yourself. Work for your meal. If you know that you’re going to indulge in that “cheat” meal (once a week) do a little extra cardio. Don’t just eat to eat. There’s always a healthier choice. Instead of those greesy fries, make your own sweet potatoe fries. Instead of going out for some ice cream, make your own banana ice cream. Recipes on bottom. 
  • Plan out your weekly menu or meal prep. This will help you stay focused during those “but what should I eat” times. You will have healthy meals set up for yourself. 
  • Make your plate a rainbow. Make sure that half of your plate is colorful with raw fruits and vegetables. Fill up your stomach with these nutrient dense foods. 
  • RESEARCH OR TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR!! Sometimes people don’t really understand what emotional eating is or just don’t know the right direction to go in. Ask your doctor if it could be more serious and what foods to choose. 

Banana nice cream (so easy and delicious)!! 

– three to four frozen bananas, and that’s all!! 

Blend until smooth and enjoy 🙂 

Home made sweet potato fries: 

– cut little slices of two sweet potatoes (be careful)!! 

Add a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and a little cinnamon if you’d like 🙂 Cook for 45 minutes at 450 degrees. Please cook responsibly. 


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