You practice meditation where?! 

You practice meditation where?! 

Namastay here on my desk and not listen to anyone because I’m zen.

Good morning friendly folks!!  Lets just face the facts. WORK IS THE MOST STRESSFUL PLACE!! Even if you love your job there has to be moments that you just think to yourself like “man, can I just go home, meditate, eat ice cream, and fall asleep”.

No matter where you are or what your job is, you NEED to take ten minutes to yourself. I use to think that meditation inquired myself on a mat, candle lit, Indian music, and a glass of wine waiting for me in the kitchen to complete the zen process.

Practicing meditation can be done right at your desk. Disclaimer: don’t play the Indian chime music, you will freak out your coworkers around you.

Steps to meditation during work:

  • Close your eyes and imagine a dark screen.
  • Roll your head to the right
  • Roll your head to the left
  • Circle your shoulders back
  • Circle your shoulders forward
  • Now breath in and out
  • Silence your mind, there is nothing you have to do at that very second
  • Feel your breaths and take yourself to a relaxing and safe place
  • Keep breathing

Allow yourself a more relaxed and productive day and take 5-10 minutes for yourself!!

Don’t forget to reward yourself for all the hard work you do!! Even if meditating at work isn’t your thing, grab your mat and wine and take 25 minutes to wind down later.

Have a positive and happy morning!!




  1. February 7, 2017 / 3:42 am

    Actually I love the starting line which start with ” namaste”
    You wrote so well

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